Mineral Commodities Appoints Legal Eagle As Chairman

Mr Moller has been appointed non-executive chairman of Mineral Commodities to add to his similar roles at ASX-listers Tempest Minerals, Platina Resources and AusTin Mining, in addition to sitting on the board of several foreign companies.

His appointment comes at an important time with Mineral Commodities patiently awaiting environmental approval for its Munglinup graphite project and potential processing plant.

Mineral Commodities testing shows grading of up to 98.3 per cent TGC and up to 3.5Mt of earth is expected to be moved each year should the project get the green light.

That decision will be made amid what many analysts predict to be a buoyant period for graphite miners spurred on by a shortfall of the critical battery component in the next three years.

Such a move is being considered to value-add to the Skaland product in a region with a heavy focus on low-cost renewable energy and environmental credentials.

A pre-feasibility study has forecast a 66 per cent internal rate of return for a Skaland processing plant and 33 per cent IRR for Munglinup.

Mr Moller’s appointment comes following the resignation of company secretary Fletcher Hancock, who has been replaced by corporate and commercial lawyer Katherine Garvey.