Mineral Products of Fengyuan Vanadium Industry in Shaanxi Province will Participate in the 4th Silk Expo

The 4th silk road international expo and China Eastern and western investment and trade fair will be held in Xi ‘an on May 11, 2019. Shanyang county strives to sign more “two new” and “two big” industrial projects at the 4th silk expo, and accelerate the high-quality development of county economy.

First, the establishment of institutions to focus on coordination. Established by who in charge of county magistrate coalesced, head of the delegation members unit for members of preparatory work leading group, has organized two preparatory work, study the deployment of silk expo preparations, and formulate issued “the fourth session of the silk road international exposition Sanyo delegation work plan, has been clear about the responsibility of each preparatory working group refinement into units, the individual will work, ensure the preparatory work smoothly.

Second, precise docking to promote signing. We will divide and implement the projects with cooperation intention to the county-level leaders and corresponding departments one by one. We will strengthen the communication of project docking, increase tracking services and actively promote the project signing and landing through door-to-door visits and visits to the mountain. At present, a total of 26 contracted projects have been collected with a total investment of 9.329 billion yuan, including 2 projects above 1 billion yuan, 5 projects above 500 million yuan and 19 projects below 500 million yuan.

Third, take the initiative to communicate and invite customers. Actively cooperating with chambers of commerce such as Xi’an Shangluo Chamber of Commerce and Shenzhen Shangluo Chamber of Commerce, intensifying the invitation to businessmen, and elaborately organizing three business promotion activities, a total of 420 interested businessmen, well-known business leaders and successful people outside Shanyang to take projects and products on-site inspection projects in Shanyang, and signed preliminary cooperation agreements with seven enterprises. At present, four enterprises such as Shanyang Jinqiao Tea Co., Ltd. and Shaanxi Fengyuan Vanadium Technology Co., Ltd. are preparing to participate in the exhibition. Four series of products such as Fengyuan Vanadium Mineral Products, Jinqiao Tea and Intelligent Instrument Electronic Products are participating in the exhibition.

Fourthly, we should publicize widely to create an atmosphere. Using Shangluo Daily, Shangluo TV and other media as well as micro-blog, Weixin and mobile platform to focus on the work of the “Silk Expo” and Shanyang delegation, we actively invite influential media at home and abroad to participate in the reporting of investment promotion activities, expand Shanyang’s influence and visibility, publicize new images, seize new opportunities, promote new cooperation and create an atmosphere for investment. Up to now, 20 publicity exhibition boards, 1000 publicity materials and 1000 investment project brochures have been produced, and more than 50 investment information have been published on Wechat Public Number and official website.