Ministry of Commerce: Hope U.S. to Cancel All Additional Tariffs

On 29 June, China’s President Xi Jinping met U.S. President Donald Trump, agreeing to restart talks on the basis of equality and mutual respect. 

On 4 July, Gao Feng, spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, talked about the latest development of China-U.S. trade talks and disclosed that the two nations have been maintaining communication. Gao Feng emphasized that the trade friction was triggered by U.S. unilateral action of imposing additional tariffs, so it must cancel all additional tariffs if the two nations reach an agreement. 

During the meeting of China and U.S. heads, the U.S. promised not to levy new additional tariffs on Chinese goods. In response to this, Gao Feng stated that the trade friction should be solved through equal dialogue and consultation at last. China welcomes U.S. decision on not imposing new additional tariffs, which prevents the trade friction from intensifying. China hopes that the two nations could follow important notes made by two presidents at the meeting, pay attention to reasonable concerns of the other party on the basis of equality and mutual respect and seek for mutual-benefit and win-win solutions to create a stable and foreseeable trading and investment environment for enterprise from both nations and the whole world. It not only satisfies the interests of both nations and people of both nations, but also meets general expectation of the global community. 

Gao Feng pointed out that the successful meeting of President Xi and President Trump in Osaka during the G20 Summit clearly showed the direction for next phase development of China-U.S. economic trade relations and stirred up positive responses in China, U.S. and international community. 

Gao Feng also replied to U.S. President Trump’s comments on allowing U.S. enterprises to further sell products to Huawei during the G20 Summit, hoping the U.S. could take action accordingly and stop the wrong practices of cracking down on Chinese enterprise by using national power.