Most Ferrovanadium Manufacturers Continue To Stop Production Due To High Cost According to the incomplete statistics of 37 ferrovanadium production enterprises, there are about 6 enterprises in production at present, and the operating rate of enterprises is about 16%. There are only a few ferrovanadium enterprises are producing. The production of ferrovanadium in ChengSteel and Pangang remain normal. In Liaoning Province, only Jinzhou Xinwanbo and Chaoyang Boyuan are in production. On the one hand, a small amount of orders need to be completed, and on the other hand, they still have V2O5 flake stocks. At present, most of the ferrovanadium manufacturers are in the state of production stoppage and the cost is upside down. The actual transaction price of ferrovanadium is 106000-107000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, and the manufacturers are unable to accept orders for production. Although the price of bulk V2O5 flake has dropped slightly in recent days, the cost for ferrovanadium manufacturers is still on the high side. Generally, the quotation of V2O5 flake is 108000-110000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, which is difficult to deal with.
The total monthly output of ferrovanadium in Pangang and ChengSteel is about 1800-2000 tons. Under the normal operation of most ferrovanadium manufacturers, the outputs of ferrovanadium from Pangang and ChengSteel account for 50% – 55% of the total output of the market, which is the absolute backbone. Since the middle of July, the demand for ferrovanadium has been reduced, and the supply of ferrovanadium from large factories can basically meet the market demand. Most small ferrovanadium plants have to stop production and wait and see, facing the high price of raw materials and end-user price reduction.