Mount Burgess Eyes Proposed Route for Simple Vanadium Production from Nxuu Deposit

Base metals explorer, Mount Burgess Mining NL (ASX: MTB) is currently focused on developing the Kihabe and Nxuu Base Metals Project in Botswana. The company has rich history with prominent discoveries across Western Australia (Red October Gold Deposit) and Namibia (three kimberlites).

The metallurgical test work conducted by ALS Metallurgy Pty Ltd (ALS Laboratories) at the Nxuu Deposit has concluded that the Vanadium at the deposit is hosted in oxide vanadate DESCLOIZITE, wherein the equivalent mass of Vanadium Pentoxide (V205) is 1.785 times the mass of Vanadium.

Proposed Route for V205 Production from Nxuu Deposit

In its latest update, MTB has highlighted its intention to conduct a test work program for validating the potential suitability for acid dissolution owing to the oxidised state of vanadium salt/mineral enables, as mentioned below-

The associated (oxidised) lead, and zinc carbonates can be dissolved in Methane Sulphonic Acid, with any calcium, copper, iron in manganese, if present, while the Vanadium remaining in the undissolved residue for separate dissolution in sulphuric acid.
The dissolved vanadium can then be extracted into an organic phase with an appropriate organic solvent.
Post the test work, the vanadium in the organic phase is expected to be able to be stripped with either acid or soda ash solution and precipitated.
The precipitate will be further filtered and dried, and once dried, it will be calcined in a small furnace to produce a saleable Vanadium product, if required.

Nxuu Deposit stands out for V205 Production

The metallurgical test work conducted by ALS Laboratories has highlighted the below key findings:

80.40% of marketable V205 can be recovered from DESCLOIZITE via the simple process of flotation using a Hydroxamate collector for recovery, as opposed to producing from magnetite deposits, which is where most of the world’s V2O5 currently comes from.
As per MTB, this is an environment friendly recovery process as the V205 in Descloizite does not require either smelting to 1,0000 C or potassium salt roasting.

MTB eyeing potential market opportunity

An inorganic compound, Vanadium Pentoxide (V2O5) is known for its high oxidation state, a feature that makes it both an amphoteric oxide and an oxidizing agent. It is an integral compound of vanadium and finds industry use as a catalyst for alloys.