Near The Spring Festival, Vanadium Market Trading Is Quiet At the beginning of spring, the Spring Festival holiday is approaching, the domestic vanadium market is flat. The manufacturers produce normally, and mainly to complete their previous orders. The steel mills and traders stop making inquiries, and the market is basically closed. Large V2O5 flake factories normally sign orders, and only few quotations from retail market, some quotations are still firm and stable at 96500-97000 CNY/Ton by cash, which is difficult to conclude a deal. The price of metallurgical ammonium metavanadate 98% is 91000-92000 CNY/Ton by cash.
Without the support of transaction, the alloy market is weak and stable. The quotation of VN alloy is 147000-148000 CNY/Ton by cash, and it is difficult to make a deal before the festival, so operators have to wait and see the market after the festival; the price of ferrovanadium manufacturer is firm, with the price of 102000-104000 CNY/Ton by cash, and the intention to receive orders is not high. Downstream manufacturers are willing to purchase at low prices, say that if the price of raw materials is appropriate, they will purchase, if not, they will wait for the market after the holiday.