Neometals Provides Update On Barrambie Titanium And Vanadium Project

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 21 Nov 19 – On November 20, Australian-based Neometals Ltd. provided an update on its Barrambie Titanium and Vanadium Project and confirmed the successful recovery of high purity (+99%) titanium chemicals (hydrated titanium dioxide – TiO2.2H2O) from the hydrometallurgical processing stage of its preferred process flowsheet.

Titanium hydrolysate is an intermediate in the production of titanium pigment, which has a global market of around 7 million tonnes per annum. Neometals is currently testing its use as a feedstock to make titanium metal powder and has previously produced an emerging lithium battery anode material, lithium titanate.

This result confirms the technical feasibility of the Neometals hydrometallurgical flowsheet to produce a high purity titanium chemical at good recoveries, a key driver of project economics, that exceed Neometals’ expectations.

The Company remains on schedule to complete the titanium stage of the pilot in December 2019 with IMUMR scheduled to be in Perth second week of December to observe the running of the staged pilot plant.