New 50MW Byrd Ranch Storage Project To Support ERCOT Grid

A new energy storage system is now being constructed to ensure the stability of the Electricity Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT) grid network.

The 50MW Byrd Ranch Storage Project is now being constructed by technology firm GlidePath Power Solutions in Sweeny, 95 kilometres south of Houston city.

The system will be used to provide grid stability services and enable ERCOT to manage volatility due to weather-related shifts in consumer loads and energy generation profiles.

Energy storage and flexibility are expected to play a critical role in system stability in Texas following the state experiencing a massive blackout in 2021 due to harsh weather conditions.

The blackout left almost 4.5 million households without power and resulted in at least $195 billion in damages.

Glidepath will integrate the energy storage system with an artificial intelligence-based control platform for real-time and intelligent monitoring.

The digital platform will help optimise the efficiency of the project and enable its participation in various energy flexibility markets and revenue streams.

Glidepath says it expects the project to generate $500,000 per year in property taxes that could help support the local economy.

An ‘innovative mechanism’ has been adopted to reduce the noise and visual impacts of the storage system to the local community, according to Glidepath.

Chris McKissack, the CEO of GlidePath, said: “We’re proud to break ground on our latest contribution to addressing the Texas power grid’s reliability challenges. Byrd Ranch is one of more than 70 innovative standalone storage and solar-plus-storage projects in GlidePath’s 12 GWh development inventory located across 20 US states.”