Obviously Strong Prices from Vanadium Plants

Recently, with the gradual positive purchase of vanadium, the foreign market price has increased, while in the domestic market, especially the price quoted by the manufacturers has slightly increased to support the price of vanadium. Although some traders still gamble on the operation of low prices in the tender of steel mills, it is difficult to find manufacturers for further inquiries with low prices. The purchase price of ferrovanadium for the traders who received the orders from some small steel mills is about 120,000 yuan/ton by acceptance. The price quoted by ferrovanadium factory is between 120,000 yuan/ton and 125,000 yuan/ton in cash. Most of the larger vanadium-nitrogen plants indicated that they had no spot goods; they manufactured in sequence according to orders. The volume in June was also scheduled. It is difficult for traders to purchase low-priced vanadium-nitrogen alloys. Yesterday, the tender price of Shaogang was 176,000 yuan/ton, which was higher than the lowest tender price of 173,000 yuan/ton, and the market became more and more optimistic.

On the raw material side, vanadium pentoxide flake bulk supply is still tight, ammonium metavanadate manufacturers also said that recent purchases increased, the transaction price is about 108,000-110,000 yuan/ton, the transaction price of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate with low impurity content is 112,000-115,000 yuan/ton, and they are also optimistic about the future market.

It is expected that in the absence of a significant rebound in steel bidding prices, the mainstream market transaction price is still difficult to be promoted, but for the moment, the future market is optimistic.