Pangang Held A Regular Meeting On Safety And Environmental Protection In April

On the morning of the 2nd, Pangang held a regular meeting on safety and environmental protection in April, and summarized the transition of key tasks in March, and arranged key safety and environmental protection tasks in April, including forest fire prevention, and epidemic prevention and control.

The meeting was chaired by Pangang Party Committee Standing Committee Member and Deputy General Manager Xie Qichun, and Assistant General Manager Yang Tianwang attended the meeting.

The meeting conveyed the spirit of important instructions from the country, province, city, and Ansteel Group strengthen forest and grassland fire protection. Pangang Vanadium Chengdu Plate made a safety feature work exchange at the meeting.

In the first quarter, We must seriously summarize the safety management work in the first quarter, and all units must sum up experience and lessons, and continuously improve the level of safety management and control, so that safety work maintains a virtuous circle. The relative errors of safety accidents that occurred in the sporadic operation in the past are actually due to ineffective KYT implementation, incomplete identification of risks and hidden dangers, inadequate safety measures, and the “five cleans and five eradications” requirements have not been implemented. All units have gradually strengthened the safety management and control of sporadic operations. The focus is on KYT, solid identification of risk factors, and strict implementation of the “five cleans and five eradications.”

The meeting requested that all units should enhance the awareness of safety management and control goals, and take the safety goal of “zero accidents” as the basic goal. The goal of fire prevention is to prevent accidents, and the goal of epidemic prevention and control is to prevent problems. Once there is a goal, it is necessary to implement it in accordance with the requirements of “one post with two responsibilities”. The focus of daily safety management should be implemented on catching hidden dangers and curing signs. Once bad signs are discovered during safety inspections, the scope of inspection must be expanded by inferences and reforms.

At present, the situation of forest and grassland fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control across the country is severe. All subsidiaries (units) must raise their awareness and further strengthen forest and grassland fire prevention and epidemic prevention and control. The first is to seriously carry out re-investigation of hidden fire hazards in key fire-prevention parts, especially in densely populated places such as schools and supermarkets, so as to achieve full coverage and no dead ends. Second, the normalization of epidemic control cannot be relaxed, and the previous effective practices must be adhered to. Especially in the next few holidays, we must not go to medium and high-risk areas, and we must manage and control them in place.

The meeting also made specific requirements and arrangements for strengthening the management of on-duty on holidays, accelerating the three-year action for special rectification of production safety, strengthening occupational health management, welcoming environmental inspections, and doing well in advance the second quarter flood prevention and disaster reduction work.