Pangang Successfully Trial Produced 600 MPa Hot Rolled Vanadium Bearing Super High Strength Anti-seismic Steel Bar

It is reported that the project team of new product development of rod and wire for building of Pangang has successfully trial produced 9 specifications of 600 MPa hot-rolled vanadium bearing ultra-high strength anti-seismic steel bars from Ø12mm to Ø32mm in metal products company. All indexes of the steel meet the requirements of the new national standard for anti-seismic steel bars. This marks a new breakthrough in the development of high-end building steel products.

It is understood that 600 MPa ultra-high strength steel bar is the highest level steel bar in China. Compared with 400 MPa and 500 MPa Steel Bars, the steel consumption is reduced by 44% and 19% respectively. It can solve the problem of “fat beam and fat column” in the building structure, reduce the amount of steel processing and connection works, increase the building use area, make the structure design more reasonable, and meet the requirements of green environmental protection and lightweight steel in the future engineering construction.

Since the R & D of 600MPa ultra-high strength anti-seismic steel bar of Pangang was started at the end of 2019, the project team has specially formulated the key points of smelting and rolling technology based on Pangang’s unique vanadium resources and technical advantages, so as to ensure the success of product development and excellent quality.

Next, the Research Institute will cooperate with Pangang Vanadium and other units to complete the optimization of product composition process and performance, production license certification and enterprise standard formulation, and promote the application of 600 MPa ultra-high strength steel bars in the construction of green environmental protection buildings.