Pangang Vanadium & Titanium Signed A Strategic Cooperation Agreement With Dalian Rongke

A few days ago, the 14th International Vanadium Industry Development Forum jointly organized by FerroAlloyNet and Pangang Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. opened in Chengdu. Hundreds of experts, scholars and business representatives from all over the country in the vanadium and titanium industry gathered together to discuss the construction of vanadium industry ecosystem and promote the high-quality development of China’s vanadium industry.
Lin Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Panzhihua Municipal Party Committee, led the Panzhihua Investment Promotion Team to participate in the forum activities. The Vanadium-Titanium High-tech Zone made a special investment promotion for the vanadium industry, which aroused strong responses from the guests and entrepreneurs.
At the special investment promotion meeting, the Management Committee of Panzhihua Vanadium and Titanium High-tech Zone focused on promoting the market potential, investment opportunities, factor support and other competitive advantages of the development of the vanadium industry in the city, it fully demonstrated Panzhihua’s scientific and technological R&D and achievement transformation capabilities in vanadium compounds, vanadium metal materials, and vanadium-containing raw materials, and conveyed the city’s strong promotion of vanadium battery energy storage commercialization and vanadium industry upgrading and striving to build vanadium battery industry production base, the confidence and determination to accelerate the construction of a world-class vanadium energy storage industrial park, and sincerely invite well-known Chinese and foreign enterprises and more powerful entrepreneurs to come to discuss cooperation and seek common development.
After the meeting, more than 10 upstream and downstream enterprises in the vanadium industry chain took the initiative to connect with the investment promotion team, they conducted in-depth exchanges on giving full play to their respective advantages, developing the energy storage industry mainly based on “vanadium power”, and carrying out multi-level cooperation in strengthening the application field of vanadium products to expand research and development.
In order to accelerate the implementation of the vanadium battery project, through the joint efforts of the city and the vanadium-titanium high-tech zone and precise connection, successfully facilitated the signing of a strategic cooperation agreement between Dalian Rongke Power Co., Ltd., the world’s leading vanadium battery energy storage system service provider and a leading domestic vanadium battery enterprise, and Pangang Group Vanadium & Titanium Resources Co., Ltd. The two parties will jointly invest in the construction of a vanadium electrolyte factory, and initially build a vanadium electrolyte production line demonstration project with an annual output of 2,000 cubic meters in Panzhihua. At the same time, it intends to establish a high-end R&D center for vanadium battery energy storage in Panzhihua to carry out innovative research and development of high-performance battery material technology, high-power density stack technology, and high-efficiency battery system technology, covering vanadium battery basic research and development, engineering transformation, industrialization and other key links.
In the next step, Panzhihua City will focus on the construction of a world-class vanadium energy storage industrial park, actively support and encourage the technological transformation and upgrading of vanadium enterprises, extend the vanadium industry chain, expand the production scale of products, improve the quantity and quality of high value-added products, and achieve clean production. Improve the relevance of vanadium industry products, and focus on the application of vanadium products in non-steel fields, especially in catalysts, pigments, multi-functional materials, new energy materials and other fields. Extensive investment and introduction of enterprises, focusing on promoting the signing of the cooperation project between Pangang and Dalian Rongke vanadium in the whole industry chain, further expanding the production scale of vanadium electrolyte in the city, investing in the construction of vanadium battery stacks and all-vanadium flow battery production lines, and jointly building innovation Platform, carry out the application demonstration of new energy microgrid, apply for the demonstration project of energy storage power station, jointly explore the cooperation mode of vanadium electrolyte financial leasing, make up for the shortcomings of the vanadium product industry chain, and create a full-process vanadium industry chain. Strive to cultivate 5-10 vanadium industry leading enterprises by 2030, with a total production capacity of 50,000 tons/year of vanadium products such as vanadium compounds, vanadium metal, vanadium alloy materials, and vanadium functional materials, with a total output value of more than 10 billion yuan.