Panjin Changde Completes The Second Vanadium Nitride Production Line

BEIJING (Asian Metal) 14 Apr 20 – With an annual production capacity of 1,000t for vanadium nitride, Panjin Changde Alloy Co., Ltd. completed their second production line and prepare to put it into use by the end of May, when their production capacity would increase to 2,000tpy.

“We started to produce vanadium nitride from April 2019 and we could produce about 3t per day in normal. In order to expand the scale of production, we build another production line. We would start to produce by the second line one and a half months later,” said the source. The company adopts nitrogen protection technology of fully automatic push-plate kiln to produce vanadium nitride. They are producing for the signed orders and have no quotation now due to the price war in vanadium nitride industry.

Located in Panjin, Liaoning, they are one of three producers for vanadium nitride in local area. They mainly produce for their long-term steel mill clients. They are producing according to orders to avoid sales risk, holding about 50t of stocks at the moment.

At present, mainstream prices for Chinese vanadium nitride stand at RMB140,000-143,000/t (USD25.8-26.3/kg V) EXW D/A 180 days, the same as last week. Though prices of raw material vanadium pentoxide flake keep firm, as most suppliers for vanadium nitride hold too many inventory, they are fighting a price war to reduce their stocks. Insiders believe that mainstream prices of Chinese vanadium nitride would edge down in the coming week.