To implement the “Six stability”, Six ensurence” requirements, do half an article of “investment is leading role”, further improve west service level of “Favoring a merchant; Riching Merchant; Comforting a merchant”, accelerate he construction progress of investment attraction contracted projects. Innovation measures in the West district of Panzhihua City set up investment promotion and capital introduction “project commissioner” mechanism and “1 + N” project commissioner operation mechanism. Project specialist library consists of all the departments in charge of the leadership and specific head, and it implements a project to match a project investment promotion department commissioner, leading to provide key projects starting from the enterprise to the development and construction, the operation process, a full range of policy consultation and coordination, a help of picking up service like “nanny”, with the firm business investment confidence, making foreign investors “stay here and develop well” in the west .

Since this year, in west district of Panzhihua, provides VRFB energy storage research and development and industrial park, titanium alloy pipe project, annual output of 5000 tons of titanium powder industrialization project of hot isostatic pressing, Gerry ping industrial park, industrial gas pipeline and gas construction projects, modular ground-based ecological aquaculture and other key projects with commissioner to assist more than 30 problems, such as:enterprises to handle the industrial and commercial registration, project registration (approved), land sale, construction permit for the matters such as more than 20 pieces, and 5 difficult inlcuding helping enterprises solve the field leveling, hydropower construction, road construction problems, helping solve the difficulties during the process of the operation. Through the establishment of the “Project specialist” mechanism, it has ensured the early start, early production and early effect of the key signed projects attracting investment, contributing to the high-quality development of the economy and society in the Western region

Sichuan Xuteng Battery Energy Co., Ltd. is a newly introduced enterprise in the west area of Panzhihua. After several initial negotiation and the enterprise reached cooperation intention with the west area, so they finally successfully signed the R & D and industrial park projects of 1.8 billion yuan VRFB energy storage. The project mainly focuses on the research, development, production and sales of new energy storage, which meets the development needs of key industries in the western region and contributes to the transformation of industrial structure in the western region. After the completion of the project, it will effectively reduce the energy cost of enterprises in Greping Industrial park, reduce their investment and operation costs, and improve their benefits and product competitiveness.