Panzhihua Iron & Steel Group Has Obtained The First International Patent In The Field Of Vanadium Batteries

Recently, Panzhihua Iron & Steel Research Institute has granted an invention patent “Method for Preparation of Electrodes for Vanadium Batteries” in Japan. This is the first international patent in the field of vanadium batteries this year, marking a new breakthrough in Panzhihua Steel’s independent innovation ability in the field of vanadium batteries.
As vanadium battery electrolyte, electrode material and membrane developed by various countries in the world inevitably overlap in composition and process, and it is difficult to distinguish clearly, and the protection of intellectual property rights is urgent. Panzhihua Iron & Steel Research Institute has been paying close attention to the intellectual property protection of the leading countries in vanadium battery research and development for many years. In 2003, the institute cooperated with Central South University to apply for the first patent on vanadium batteries. So far, the institute has applied for more than 200 patents related to vanadium batteries at home and abroad, and nearly 50 patents have been authorized, involving electrolyte, electrode materials and other fields.
The invention patent “Method for Preparation of Electrodes for Vanadium Batteries” granted by the Institute is mainly aimed at the current vanadium battery without special electrode, the high existing electrode cost, low activity, complex post-treatment process and other problems. They use polymer materials containing active groups through a special process to prepare porous materials containing active groups. The electrode material prepared by the invention has good electrochemical activity and mechanical properties, and does not need post-treatment, which greatly reduces the cost of electrode material for vanadium battery.