Part Of The Ferrovanadium Plants Will Stop Production Recently After Completing Orders At present, most of the ferrovanadium manufacturers have normal production, and some of them have orders until the 20th of this month. There is sufficient vanadium raw materials, so there is no purchase plan for the moment. Due to the lack of demand for ferrovanadium in the near future, there is almost no inquiry in the market, and the manufacturers have no new orders for the time being. It is expected that the production will be stopped immediately after the completion of the preliminary orders, and the production will be seen after the Spring Festival. There are not many ferrovanadium in the bulk market, and the quotation is stable, 98000 yuan / ton with tax. Traders mainly pay documents, suspend operation and prepare for holidays. The import of FeV is still active and the monthly import volume is not large, but it is bound to become the normalization in 2020.