People In Vanadium Alloy Market Maintain Wait-and-see And Prices Change Little the festival, people hold wait-and-see attitude in vanadium market, and alloy manufacturers offer less, and some manufacturers said they want to wait and see now. Vanadium products price fluctuations are not large comparing with the price before the festival, although the latest guidance price of Panzhihua Steel is raised today, the actual transaction price in the market is not high, and some VN manufacturers currently offer  170,000-173,000 CNY/Ton in cash, and the actual transaction is at a low price.

The recent purchase of raw materials is generally active. The price offered by the ferrovanadium manufacturers varies. The quotation in Liaoning is generally firm at the price of 121,000-122,000 CNY/Ton, and the actual transaction is slow to follow up. The manufacturers said that the demand has not risen yet, which is difficult.