www.ferroalloynet.com: Today, most of the vanadium production enterprises are in a wait-and-see state, with few quotation. Among them, the quotation of ammonium metavanadate manufacturers is not much. The quotation of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate 98% is 103,000-105,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax. Some manufacturers say that they do not have any spot goods or reserve futures for the time being, so they do not offer. There is no quotation from V2O5 flake retail market. Today, V2O5 flake inquiry is more active, and market transaction information is complicated. Most manufacturers pay attention to the pricing of large factories this week. Most of the ferrovanadium manufacturers do not offer the price temporarily because they have not purchased the V2O5 flakes; some of the VN alloy manufacturers offer 160,000 Yuan/ton in cash with tax for futures goods, while some manufacturers quoted at 160,000 Yuan/ton in cash for spot goods, waiting for the transaction.
At the beginning of this week, the market is dominated by wait-and-see mentality. Some manufacturers or traders are offering with a relatively high price. On the one hand, they think that it’s inevitable for the large vanadium plants to raise their prices. On the other hand, they are more confident in the vanadium market in June and expect to maintain a stable, moderately strong trend.