R & D Of Efficient And Cheap Green Redox Organic Liquid Flow Battery In Spain

www.ferroalloynet.com: Recently, CIC energigune, the research center of energy storage technology in Spain, led the research and development of high-performance green redox flow battery (higreew) to produce cheap and efficient redox organic flow battery.

It is reported that the project is funded by the European Commission for 3.8 million euros. Members include scientists from European universities such as autonomy University of Madrid and University of Bohemia, as well as pinflow, a Czech redox battery expert, and c-tech, a supplier of electrochemical equipment.

The new battery will be based on water-soluble organic electrolyte. Scientists say the battery electrolyte is low-cost and compatible with optimized low resistance membranes and fast electrode dynamics. The new technology will enable researchers to develop more environmentally friendly and sustainable redox fluid flow batteries with higher power and energy density and longer service life.

It is concerned that the goal of the researchers is to control the energy storage cost below 1 euro / kWh / cycle by the end of the 40 month project starting last month; by 2030, the energy storage cost will be below 0.50 euro / kWh / cycle.

Later in the study, the battery will be tested at the Gomez factory in Spain. Scientists say the project aims to prove that organic liquid flow batteries can be a sustainable alternative to vanadium batteries. Vanadium battery is one of the key raw materials listed by the European Commission.

In addition, unlike vanadium redox flow batteries, these devices are more environmentally friendly because they do not contain heavy metals or harmful acids.