Ramaphosa’s Energy Plan Will Boost Power Generation Industry

Eskom said that the measures announced by the government on the bolstered energy plan would help in expanding South Africa’s generation industry.
President Cyril Ramaphosa announced targeted plans through which more electricity would be generated on to the grid on Monday.
This includes the removal of the energy generation cap for embedded electricity generation, as well as enabling businesses and households to invest in rooftop solar systems.
Eskom spokesperson, Sikonati Mantshantsha, said these reforms would also help unlock investments and create jobs during the construction of the projects.
“These reforms will go a long way towards easing the power generation constraints the country has been grappling with for some fourteen years. The reforms will accelerate the end of load shedding and will expand and grow the electricity generation industry in South Africa through structural changes.”
Mantshantsha added that Eskom was also in consultation with interested parties to address the utility’s skills shortages.
“Particularly pleasing to Eskom is that the government has made these moves to empower Eskom to speedily acquire additional generation capacity from existing Independent Power Producers with excess capacity to acquire spares and equipment from original equipment manufacturers and, indeed, the resources to increase the funding of the maintenance budget.”