Raw Material Market Is Active, And Prices Rise Slightly

www.ferroalloynet.com: In the middle of the month, the inquiry of the steel plant is relatively rare, the trading atmosphere is not good, and the transaction is less. Alloy factories are still active to inquiry, making active preparations for the bidding of steel plants at the end of the month, and the large V2O5 flake factories signed orders smoothly. It is expected that Tranvic and Desheng will sign out V2O5 flake this week, with price of 96000 yuan / ton by acceptance with tax (94500 yuan / ton by cash with tax). The intended purchasing price of VN alloy manufacturers is gradually adjusted to the cash price of 94000-94500 yuan / ton by cash. However, the V2O5 flake holders are reluctant to sell and waiting for price up. The alloy manufacturers say that it is hard to purchase V2O5 flake, and they are cautious to purchase at a higher price.
At present, the low-price resources of VN alloy are reduced, and the quotation of manufacturers is 146000-150000 yuan / ton by cash. Although some steel plants intend to purchase at a low price, it is difficult to purchase at a low price. Supported by the cost, the quotation of VN alloy manufacturers was firm, and the retail transaction price gradually followed up. On the whole, most of the VN alloy manufacturers are bullish on the bidding of steel plants at the end of the month.