Raw Material Prices of Large Factories are Stable as Well as Vanadium Alloy Prices

www.ferroalloynet.com: In recent days, large vanadium pentoxide flake factories have gradually signed orders and sold goods, and the price is stable at CNY 120,000/t. There are a few transactions have been traded at CNY 127,000/t by cash, and the vanadium pentoxide flake price of large factories is the lowest in the market. The market price of ferrovanadium is stagnant, and it is still around CNY 132,000/t by cash and CNY 135,000/t by acceptance. Spot supply is also not as tight as vanadium-nitrogen alloy, steel plant procurement is becoming less. In the vanadium-nitrogen alloy market, some manufacturers in Hubei indicated that the price of futures price reached CNY 190,000/t, but the cash price of most manufacturers was still around CNY 195,000/t. Anhui Yangtze River recently plans to purchase 80 tons of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, indicating that the acceptance price should be controlled at CNY 195,000-200,000/t.

In addition to retailing market, vanadium raw material prices of upstream large factories are temporarily stable, which meets the expectations of downstream alloy factories. Both upstream and downstream have profit margin to promote the market. Although the stable price of raw materials will make the downstream alloy price lack the support of rising, the current price of vanadium-nitrogen alloy can remain stable is in line with the expectations of most manufacturers.