SA Could Face Up To 104 Days Of Load Shedding: Eskoms De Ruyter

Eskom says South Africans could face up to 104 days of power cuts with Stage 3 being the highest implemented.
Meanwhile, Eskom CEO Andre de Ruyter said the power utility had made available 4,000 hectares of land in Mpumalanga for renewable energy investments.
De Ruyter made the announcement during a media briefing on Wednesday on the state of the country’s power system.
He said this latest development would allow private investors to obtain grid access in close proximity to coal fired power stations.
De Ruyter said the country should not allow load shedding to become part of the new norm.
“The first engagements with potential investors have already taken place at the Majuba and Thuthuka power plants and I’m very pleased that to say that the interest in this project has been pleasing indeed.”
At the same time, de Ruyter said Eskom is also working with law enforcement agencies to curb ongoing fraud and corruption at their Mpumalanga plants.
He said this is denting the utility’s ability to do its job.