Shanghai Electric Plans To Build A 100Mw/400Mwh VRFB Energy Storage Demonstration Project On May 18, Zeng Lecai, vice president of the Central Research Institute of Shanghai Electric Group, signed a contract to invest in a large-scale energy storage power station project in Yancheng, which will help Yancheng new energy industry make new breakthroughs in intelligence and interconnection. “Yancheng Municipal Party committee and municipal government have introduced many policies to benefit business and people in the construction of new Yancheng industry. The majority of cadres have worked hard and worked together to achieve strong cohesion,” he said. The transportation hub connects the north and south of the river. These undoubtedly enhance the strength of Yancheng’s intelligent new energy development in high quality. ” “The full name of the project is”VRFB “, which was brought by Shanghai Electric Group. It will invest 600 million yuan in advance and settle in the environmental protection science and technology city of Tinghu district. In the future, it will further increase investment and make a long industrial chain.”

With the development of new energy, energy storage plays a more and more important role, which is a key technology to build smart energy. VRFB is particularly suitable for large-scale energy storage, with high safety and long service life. This key technology is particularly suitable for large-scale application of new energy. Because the new energy has a feature that it is unpredictable and volatile, and the large-scale construction and application of new energy also has a great demand for the application of this technology, which can solve the problem of unpredictability and volatility of new energy and completely protect the environment. At the same time, it can further help users reduce costs and transfer the extra power in the evening to the peak hours of the day, which can play a good role. Due to the large scale of new energy industry in Yancheng, the prospect of this project is very broad.

Large scale energy storage power station project will play an important role in the transformation and upgrading of Yancheng new energy industry. “With the development of new energy in the direction of wisdom and interconnection, the new energy system is flexible because of the key technologies of energy storage. Yancheng has the industrial foundation closely related to new energy, such as steel and automobile manufacturing. We can well carry out industrial docking and cooperation in this regard. ” Zeng Lecai said that the implementation of the project will be accelerated. First, a demonstration project of 100MW/400MWh large-scale energy storage power station will be built at the site to be selected. Second, the deepening cooperation with large-scale energy enterprises will be strengthened to improve industrial linkage development.