Shanxi Guorun Plans To Build An Automatic Production Line For All-vanadium Redox Flow Batteries With An Annual Output Of 100MW

The perfluorinated ion membrane we produce is one of the core key materials for low-carbon products, mainly used in new energy fields such as flow batteries. These products have excellent performance, can meet customer needs, and comply with national low-carbon environmental protection policies. “Wu Zhikuan, deputy general manager of production of Shanxi Guorun Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd., told reporters. On May 9th, in front of the high-quality perfluorinated ion membrane production line of Shanxi Guorun, a small and medium-sized manufacturing industry cluster in Shuozhou Economic Development Zone, the reporter saw a perfluorinated ion membrane that was as thin as paper and bright as a screen. The film-forming integrated machine “flowed” out.
According to the introduction of the staff, Shanxi Guorun is mainly engaged in the production, sales and service of vanadium flow battery energy storage systems and flow batteries, and hydrogen fuel cell inner diaphragm materials – perfluorinated ion membranes. The first phase of the company’s perfluorinated ion membrane production line was put into operation in May 2021, and the current production capacity has reached 50,000 square meters. “We also produce all-vanadium flow batteries, some of which are used by perfluorinated ion membranes, and some are sold to the outside world. In the next step, we will launch an automatic production line of flow battery stacks with an annual output of 100MW, leading the development of the energy storage industry in our province. Carbon development.” Wu Zhikuan said.
Shuozhou City anchors the goal of carbon neutralization, actively carries out the energy revolution, accelerates the construction of a modern energy system, builds green, environmentally friendly and low-carbon enterprises, builds green and low-carbon industrial parks, and promotes the high-quality development of the energy industry.
As a strategic emerging industry, the energy storage industry is an effective technical route to solve new energy grid integration, energy conservation and emission reduction, and an important industry to build a green and low-carbon energy system. The city adheres to project support and incorporates the energy storage industry into the focus of building a modern industrial system, making energy storage a strategic emerging industry that drives the upstream and downstream industrial chains and promotes industrial upgrading and transformation. At the same time, focus on key areas such as the silicon core industry and new energy industry, and vigorously promote a number of traction and strategic energy projects.
1,244 projects with a total investment of 220.5 billion yuan and an annual investment of 15.7 billion yuan… This group of figures is the core of this year’s project construction in Shuozhou. The city strives to build a green and low-carbon industrial cluster and cultivate and expand emerging industries. On March 23, the construction of Shuozhou Low Carbon Silicon Core Industrial Park started. Focusing on the low-carbon silicon core industry project, the city follow the overall layout of “one park, one institute, one industry and one network” to build a new material industrial park dominated by silicon bodies, cluster development, green and low-carbon, and innovation-led, and create a low-carbon 100 billion level of Silicon Core Industrial Park. It also promotes industrial demonstration projects such as “optical storage, charging and replacement integration”, and promotes the preliminary work of Xinhua Power’s 300 MW/600 MWh shared energy storage projects, and strives to reach 44% of the installed capacity of new energy. Relying on institutions such as the R&D Center of Peking University, increase the comprehensive utilization of coal gangue and fly ash, and strive to consume all the newly added solid waste on the spot.