Shanxi’s First All-Vanadium Redox Flow Battery Integrated Light-Storage-Charge “Green And Low-Carbon Campus” Project Was Put Into Operation

On the morning of January 18, 2022, the completion ceremony of the first all-vanadium redox flow battery integrated optical storage and charging demonstration project in Shanxi Province was held in Shuozhou Ceramic Technology College. Liu Liang, Standing Committee member and Deputy Mayor of Shuozhou City, Huang Xianhua, Secretary of the Party Committee of the Vocational and Technical College, and Ding Yu, Secretary of the Huairen Municipal Party Committee, attended the completion ceremony. Dr. Meng Qing, the founder of Guorun Energy Storage, presided over the completion ceremony.
The project is located in Shuozhou Ceramics Vocational and Technical College. Shanxi Guorun Energy Storage Technology Co., Ltd. and Huadian Shanxi Energy Co., Ltd. jointly build the province’s first all-vanadium flow battery energy storage and low-carbon campus light storage and charging integration demonstration project. At present, the project has been connected to the grid and is the first green and low-carbon campus demonstration project in Shanxi. The integrated light-storage-charging solution applied in this project successfully closed the loop of “generating-electricity-storage-charging” combination, providing 24-hour clean power for the campus and meeting the daily use of the campus. Providing green power through the photovoltaic system, bringing sustainable economic benefits to the campus; the energy storage battery adopts the all-vanadium flow energy storage battery independently developed by Guorun Energy Storage, which has the outstanding characteristics of safety, environmental protection, long life and economy, and can be used for energy storage. Achieve 4 hours of long-term energy storage.