Shuozhou City’s “14Th Five-Year Plan” Plan For An Annual Output Of 400MWh Vanadium Flow Energy Storage Industry Chain Recently, in order to implement the “Fourteenth Five-Year Plan” outline and the special plan for energy storage, to promote the green development of energy transformation and the development of emerging industries, and implement the “One Hundred Billion” strategic action plan, Shanxi Shuozhou Energy Bureau issued ten billion level energy storage industry chain action plan.

 Implement the coordinated large-scale development of energy storage and new energy

Relying on 37 renewable energy planning and construction projects and 24 new energy base projects, with a total construction scale of 23.185 million kW in new energy allocation, China has made great efforts to promote systematic projects of energy storage to boost the development and utilization of renewable energy. It will focus on completing the construction of large-scale projects such as 150MW / 300MWh independent energy storage power station project of Goldwind Technology, the 2200MWp affordable photovoltaic base project from Huadian Shuozhou Pinglu, the 400MW / 800MWh independent energy storage power station project from Youyu Xinchi , the  500MW wind-solar hybrid + energy storage Demonstration projects from State Power Investment Corporation Zhongyu Youyu,  200OT photovoltaic + 20MW / 20MWh energy storage power station project from  CGN Youyu Gaojiapu Township,  and the comprehensive demonstration project of 300,000 kW Wind Power and 250,000 kW Photovoltaic new energy hydrogen production and energy storage in Huairen City.

According to the “14th Five-Year Plan”, the city’s new energy operation projects with a capacity of 47400 kilowatts and energy storage allocation planning of 700,000 kilowatts, new energy projects with a capacity of 1.74 million kilowatts and energy storage allocation planning of 260,000 kilowatts are under construction. In addition, some thermal power projects will be equipped with energy storage devices, and the energy storage allocation of the city’s stock projects will be about 1GW. The total scale of new energy increment in Shuozhou is 23.18 million kilowatts, and the energy storage allocation scale is between 2.3GW and 4.6GW. The energy storage industry has great potential.

Deploy independent grid side energy storage projects according to local conditions

For key EHV projects such as power transmission from the west to the east, independent grid side energy storage systems are uniformly planned and selected at key points of the power grid to integrate resources and accept power grid calls, so as to improve the overall resource utilization efficiency of the supporting system and serve as an important support for the peak and frequency modulation function of new energy transmission. In the form of public sharing, it provides services for the surrounding new energy stations and the whole power system, forming a favorable situation of resource exchange inside and outside the province in the mode of new energy + independent energy storage.

Focus on key engineering projects such as the main transformer expansion project of the Minghai Lake 500kV substation and the new construction of the 220kV wind power collection station in Pingyou, and put forward an optimization plan for energy storage configuration, and solve the problem of limited new energy transmission in Pinglu and Youyu areas. The total installed capacity of 7 under construction is 596,700 kilowatts of new energy power transmission, which solves the problem of the limited transmission section of the existing 16 new energy power plants in Youyu area, and effectively supports the 6 wind farms currently under construction with a total installed capacity of 449,500 kilowatts of new energy Quick access to demand. Relying on the transmission channel of Shanxi Power to Zhejiang Special High, carry out 4 million kilowatts of thermal power generation projects and 6 million kilowatts of new energy power generation projects, study energy storage supporting implementation plans, implement the construction of clean energy delivery bases, and improve local clean energy delivery ability.

Promote the joint application of distributed energy and energy storage in the park

 Shuozhou’s “Eight Industrial Parks” are planned to cover an area of ??330,000 mu, with 256 projects planned to enter the park, with a total investment of 330.2 billion yuan. It will lay the foundation for Shuozhou to build a circular economy development base integrating coal, electric power, equipment manufacturing, ceramics, new materials, chemicals, and logistics. It is now necessary to use modern information and communication technology, big data, artificial intelligence, energy storage and other new technologies as the starting point. In the “eight major industrial parks”, relying on distributed energy and distribution networks, integrating electric vehicle charging, Huadian Huawei Data Center, West Lang For infrastructure such as electromagnetic shielding and thermal storage module production bases, we will carry out the construction of a cross-urban and cross-provincial green energy system of “integration of source, network, load, storage and use”. Utilize the city’s intelligent management and control platform and grid dispatching platform to integrate distributed resource flexible adjustment capabilities to provide two-way charging and discharging power services for the power system, forming a virtual power plant resource pool and demand response resource library. Encourage the park to use distributed energy + energy storage supporting systems to improve the quality of power supply, reduce the investment in the capacity expansion and transformation of the distribution network, and gradually reduce the dependence on the main network for power supply. Give full play to the transformation role of energy storage in different energy forms, and establish a comprehensive energy demonstration project supported by energy storage technology.

Based on Shuozhou Shanyin Beizhouzhuang Low-Carbon Circular Economy Industrial Park and Shuozhou Pinglu Economic and Technological Development Zone, deepen the pilot reform of incremental power distribution, and support project investment operators to use energy storage and other technologies to create additional power distribution services Value, build a demonstration project of integration of “source, network, load and storage” to provide high-quality, low-cost, and highly reliable power supply services for power users in the park, and prioritize the use of incremental power distribution network reserve resources to participate in power market services and obtain value compensation to promote The business model of incremental power distribution business has evolved.

Develop new energy vehicle grid interaction and energy storage supporting applications

Encourage new charging and swapping stations to fully carry out the integrated construction of optical storage and charging, reduce the pressure on power transmission and distribution of public grids, increase the level of green power use, and reduce the electricity expenses of charging operators. Explore the intelligent interaction between integrated service stations that integrate new energy vehicles, charging and swapping power stations, energy storage power stations, and photovoltaic systems with the power grid, and establish a long-term working mechanism for third-party entities to participate in the auxiliary service market and demand response.

Carry out core technology innovation and establish and improve the energy storage industry chain

The introduction of energy storage materials production, hydrogen battery manufacturing enterprises more than three, completes the energy storage theory innovation in the industrial chain, the material production, product research and development, and the main parts and components manufacturing, system integration, engineering design, project construction and management system construction, operation and maintenance, such as storage full industrial chain, play to the leading enterprise leading and agglomeration effect, energy storage industry cluster formation, hatching 2 listed company of science and technology. Build energy storage industrial chain industrial park in Shuozhou Economic Development Zone, build Shanxi Electric Power Energy Storage Research Institute in Shuocheng District base, promote and build a number of key demonstrations in the city year by year, and lay the foundation for the orderly development of energy Internet construction. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, we will lay a solid foundation for industrial development and form commercializable products based on the research and development of a full set of integrated technologies for full vanadium liquid flow. The system integration capacity will reach 400MWh/ year.

Cultivate and introduce energy storage talents and build professional disciplines

Under the guidance of the National Discipline Development Action Plan for Energy Storage Technology (2020-2024), the work plan of “One Committee, One Room, One College and One Park” in Shuozhou is to set up the Academic Committee of Energy Storage Technology and the Shanxi Key Laboratory of Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Engineering. Shanxi Energy Storage Technology Research Institute was established and the whole energy storage industry chain and industrial park were built. Cooperated with teams from South China University of Technology, North China University of Technology, Zhejiang University, Tsinghua University, etc., combined with the national policy orientation, the current situation of the laboratory, and the development direction of the local energy storage industry in Shuozhou. The research directions include electrochemical energy storage materials and devices, optimal design and control technology of large-scale energy storage system, energy storage technology of electric vehicles, and optimization of comprehensive energy storage. Based on the existing technical personnel reserve and technical research and development foundation of the Key Laboratory of Energy Storage Technology and Equipment Engineering in Shuozhou Campus of North University of China, the undergraduate program of Energy Storage Technology is set up in Shuozhou Campus of North University of China, recruiting students from all over the country, and gradually setting up secondary disciplines and cross-related disciplines to form the discipline system of energy storage specialty. During the 14th Five-Year Plan period, the institute of energy storage technology will be set up, and an innovation platform for energy storage, production and education integration will be built, so as to form an independent training ability for talents in shortage of core technologies in key fields, and strengthen the training of practical innovation ability for graduate students of energy storage specialty.

The policy of talent introduction will be utilized to vigorously attract high-level talents in urgent need and shortage of energy storage industry to carry out innovation and entrepreneurship in the city, and the advantages of the city’s energy storage application market will be utilized to introduce professional and technical talents of energy storage according to the industrial layout. Guided by the employment demand within the city and the entrepreneurial and innovative demand for energy storage in the province and even the whole country, the training mechanism of energy storage professionals will be established to provide a good talent reserve for the high-quality development of energy storage industry and energy in the city.