Sichuan Issues Guideline For High-Quality Development Of Vanadium-Titanium Steel And Rare Earth Industries

Sichuan Provincial Economic and Information Department recently issued the Guide for High-quality Development of Vanadium-titanium Steel and Rare Earth Industries in Sichuan, aiming at basically forming a modern industrial system by 2025, including to increase the strategic resource mineral recovery rates of vanadium and titanium to 55% and 35% respectively, and realize a comprehensive recovery rate of 75% for iron resources; to build the country’s largest overseas rare earth processing base; to promote joint restructuring, increase industrial concentration, and cultivate a number of internationally competitive vanadium-titanium steel and rare earth conglomerates. The scale of the two industries above mentioned was designed to reached more than RMB600 billion (about USD87.1 billion) by then.
Ilmenite Conc TiO2 46%min; Fe2O3 8%max; Ex-VAT EXW China

China titanium dioxide producers’ inventory to production ratio statistics by province by month
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