Slow Consumption Of Chemical Grade V2O5 Powder Due to the good control of the domestic epidemic situation, the recovery of the economy gradually pulls the steel market, thus supporting the market of vanadium products for metallurgy and raising the price slightly. However, due to the limited export of chemical industry, coastal chemical products enterprises have poor operation and production conditions, and the purchasing volume of chemical vanadium has been in a low state. According to FerroAlloyNet, 620 tons of V2O5 powder were produced in April, but 415 tons were in stock at the end of the month. Although some manufacturers still had stocks in the last month, the manufacturers also reflected that the inquiry of April compared with last month was slightly improved, but there are still some manufacturers facing the inventory problems, Henan, Hebei and Chongyang are the main regions with large inventory.
At present, the transaction price of  chemical grade V2O5 powder 98% is about 103,000-105,000 Yuan/ton, V2O5 powder 99% is about 123,000-125,000 Yuan/ton, and high-purity chemical V2O5 powder 99.5% is about 128,000-130,000 Yuan/ton. Affected by the characteristics of multiple and wide uses of chemical V2O5 powder, the transaction price of V2O5 powder is not simply determined by grade, and most of the transactions are determined by the special requirements of the buyer for impurity content. Therefore, the transaction price of the V2O5 powder fluctuates greatly, but the market is temporarily stable as a whole. The main problem faced by manufacturers is the reduction of inquiry.