Slow Turnover In Vanadium Market At the beginning of this week, different from the situation at the beginning of last week, the market quotation for shipment was relatively more positive, but the overall range of spot quotation was similar to that of last week, waiting for the feedback from the purchasing side. Judging from the fluctuation of vanadium products last week, in addition to the slowdown in the decline of raw materials, VN alloy is still in a downward trend. At present, the main force of purchasing raw materials is VN alloy processing plants, so the market purchasing atmosphere is relatively quiet.
The quotation in the V2O5 flake bulk market is active today, and the mainstream quotation continues the price of 101000 yuan / ton in cash with tax, but only a few downstream ferrovanadium manufacturers purchase, some VN alloy manufacturers have just purchased according to the order with the purchasing priceof 100000 yuan / ton. At present, the purchasing price of metallurgical grade ammonium metavanadate is 94000-95000 yuan / ton in cash, but there are few suppliers. The price of chemical grade ammonium metavanadate dropped slightly to 96000-97000 yuan/ ton, but the fluctuation range is not large.
Today, the mainstream quotation of FeV50 is 104000 yuan / ton in cash, which is difficult to deal with at present. The actual transaction price of bulk cargo is 103000 yuan / ton in cash, and the quotation of imported ferrovanadium is 102000-103000 yuan / ton in cash. There are few open tenders from steel mills, and some transaction prices are too low. It is difficult for the market to refer to. It is expected that the later market will continue to be weak.
The price quoted by VN alloy manufacturers today is mostly at 156000-159000 yuan / ton in cash, and the transaction price tends to be low. Some low prices are about 155000 yuan / ton in cash. The recent bidding price was about 160000 yuan / ton by acceptance, and the cash price is between 155000 yuan / ton and 1575000 yuan / ton. At present, ZENITH has not yet finalized the bidding price. VN alloy manufacturers pay attention to whether the large V2O5 flake factories will reduce their quotation. The bidding of steel plant is coming to an end, but the quotation of V2O5 flake in the market is still positive. The quotation and shipment of mainstream vanadium enterprises have a guiding role in the vanadium market.