Smelting Study Shows Huge Mineral Potential

Date: Mar 25, 2019

MAYUR Resource PNG though known for its minerals and energy projects has remained relatively low-keyed on its vanadium holdings in Papua New Guinea.

According to Mayur, PNG has vanadium and it is an attractive element in our mineral sands portfolio with some grades being comparable to the world’s best deposits.

Mayur CEO Paul Mulder said they have already conducted a domestic smelting study that extracts iron, vanadium and titanium as separate products and is positioning to yet again highlight another opportunity for PNG to diversify and unlock the value of its mineral resources.

Vanadium traditionally is used as a mineral for steel strengthening during the melting process but in recent years it has sky rocketed in price due to its superior performance over lithium in the large scale storage and distribution of energy from a battery.

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