South Africa Considers Carbon Capture In The Move To A Greener Energy Future

South Africa’s state-owned electricity utility, Eskom, is considering the utilization of carbon capture technology at a number of its coal-fired power plants, pending financial viability. With the country pursuing cleaner energy sources in the transition to a greener future, carbon capture will enable the utilization of coal in a more sustainable manner.
Eskom CEO, Andre de Ryter, suggests that carbon capture will allow the significant reduction in greenhouse gas emissions – of which the company is currently South Africa’s largest contributor – while enabling the continued utilization of the resource. With coal comprising the primary power generation source in South Africa, and the country’s demand increasingly rapidly, Eskom is committed to improving its environmental footprint while increasing power supply.
“We need large geological structures to ensure that the carbon dioxide is captured and stored safely so it cannot escape,” stated de Ruyter.
Despite the accelerated uptake of renewable energy developments across the country, power demand in South Africa continues to significantly outweigh supply. Rather than abandon fossil fuel power generation, carbon capture offers the best solution to maintaining an environmentally friendly power source.