Southwest Vanadium And Titanium: Annual Output Of 1.2 Million Tons Of Vanadium-Containing Molten Iron Blast Furnace Ignited And Resumed Production!

On November 19th, the intensive start of industrial projects in Renhe District and the ignition ceremony of the blast furnace of Southwest Vanadium and Titanium Company were held in Yizi Park, Nanshan Circular Economic Zone. A batch of industrial projects focusing on machinery manufacturing and optoelectronics started intensively. Develop the industrial foundation with high quality, and promote the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China to take effect in Panzhihua with practical achievements. Among them, the production of vanadium and titanium in Southwest China, which has been silent for 7 years, has been officially ignited, which will not only add another “hard core” to the regional industrial industry, but will also set off another round of climax in the industrial transformation and upgrading of Renhe District.
Lin Jianguo, deputy secretary of the Panzhihua Municipal Party Committee attended the ceremony and announced the ignition of the blast furnace, and Ren Chujun, the deputy mayor, attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Ban Hong , District Party Committee Secretary,  attended the ceremony and delivered a speech. Gou Jun, District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and District Mayor, presided over the ceremony. Besides, Wang Xuelin, District Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Li Xiaobin, District CPPCC Chairman attended the ceremony. Xie Bixiang, chairman of Shanghai Yixin Group, and Wu Yong, president, attended the ceremony.
Southwest Vanadium and Titanium covers an area of about 1,900 mu and has an annual production capacity of 1.2 million tons of vanadium-containing casting molten iron. It is an enterprise integrating smelting, casting, processing and power generation. Its main product is a new generation of automobile brake drum developed and produced in cooperation with Chongqing University and Pangang Research Institute. All indicators of its products have reached or exceeded the relevant national quality standards for motor vehicles and buses, and its mechanical properties such as wear resistance and thermal conductivity are 20% to 30% higher than ordinary brake drums.
This year, Renhe District, in accordance with the deployment requirements of the Municipal Party Committee’s “Project Breakthrough Year”, insisted on revitalizing the stock and increasing the increase. Projects such as Southwest Vanadium and Titanium Casting and Machining Production Lines, and Magnesium Smart Light Strips were completed and put into operation. On the 19th, Yehuang Cast 50,000 tons of electric power fittings, Dongfeng vanadium and titanium new energy vehicle smart low-carbon operation center, PCB production line and other projects started intensively, especially the southwest vanadium and titanium project pressed the “fast forward button” to achieve blast furnace ignition production, adding a “hard core” to the industrial transformation and upgrading of Renhe District.