Sparton Releases Vanadium Recovery Technology Results

Date: Mar 29, 2019

Sparton Resources (TSXV:SRI) has released the results from its advanced vanadium recovery testing utilizing ultrasound assisted technology.

As quoted from the press release: 

Sparton is pleased to announce the test results conducted on their behalf by Central America Nickel Inc. (CAN) on the vanadium mineralization hosted in black shale from Jiangxi Province in China, using the CAN’s Ultrasound Assisted Extraction technology (“UAEx”). The material tested was taken from the Quankeng Stone coal mining license in the Xiushui area of Jiangxi, which has been under evaluation by the company for a number of years and is currently in acquisition negotiations. Excellent results were achieved with the testing and additional work is planned on more samples to be supplied by the company.

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