Sparton Resources (SRI.V) Stock Climbs 5% On Low Volume

From June 21 till June 28, there was no stock volatility, and it was on the C$0.0650. Despite that, it abruptly soared to C$0.1700 on July 5. Then, we can see a slow decline in the stock, making up 0.1100 for today. The day’s range of the stock is 0.1100 – 0.1100. The general market capitalization of the company is 15 million dollars.
Sparton Resources Inc. announced today that VRB Energy Inc. (“VRB Energy”) recently reports that the Chinese State Energy Corporation had selected it to install a 500 kWh vanadium battery at the National Photovoltaic and Energy Demonstration Experimental Center (“Center”) in Daqing, northeast China. The Center has conformed to acquire from VRB Energy an energy storage system for all 125 kW/500 kW/h vanadium redox batteries.
The installation will be installed at the Center and used as an evaluation and demonstration device to assist in the development of policies and technical standards in the field of industrial energy storage of the People’s Republic of China (“PRC”) as part of the country’s commitment to carbon neutrality. The Center and the battery system will be completed and fully operational by September 26, 2021.