SPIC’s Iron-chromium Flow Battery Will Be Used In Shandong 2X200MWh Electrochemical Energy Storage Project

Recently, the government in Shandong Province released a list of energy storage pilot demonstration projects in 2021, including 5 peak shaving projects and 2 frequency modulation projects, with an energy storage capacity of 520 MW/1041 MWh. SPIC Haiyang 100MW/200MWh Energy Storage Power Station, Shandong Huadian Tengzhou 100MW/200MWh Electrochemical Energy Storage Project, Huaneng Jinan Huangtai Power Generation Co., Ltd.100MW/200MWh Storage Energy Power Plant Project, Laiwu Mengjia 100MW/200MWh Energy Storage Power Station, Three Gorges New Energy Qingyun Energy Storage Power Station Demonstration Project were selected as peak shaving projects, Laicheng Power Plant Energy Storage Combined Unit, Datang Linqing Thermal Power Co., Ltd. The thermal power unit was selected as a frequency modulation project.
“Energy storage mainly refers to the storage of electric energy. It is a key supporting technology and an important component of smart grids, renewable energy high-proportion energy systems, and’Internet +’smart energy. It is essential for the realization of the’carbon peak and carbon neutral’ strategy. The goal is to build a “clean, low-carbon, safe and efficient” modern energy industry system. It is of great strategic significance.” The person in charge of the Energy Conservation and Technology Equipment Division of Shandong Energy Bureau said that the proportion of new energy installed capacity in the province is currently increasing rapidly, and electricity is sent from outside the province. With a substantial increase in power input, the heating transformation of coal-fired power plants has continued to accelerate, and the situation of Shandong power grid peak shaving has become increasingly severe. “Accelerating the demonstration and application of energy storage technology and industry can not only provide various services such as peak shaving, frequency modulation, backup, black start, and demand response for grid operation, but also effectively improve the flexibility of wind, solar, hydrogen, nuclear and other new energy consumption. Efficiency, economy, and safety are a powerful starting point and an important support for Shandong’s energy green transformation.”
It is understood that this selection of Shandong Province will focus on comprehensive evaluation on project layout, power planning, technical solutions, investor strength, construction conditions, industrial driving and new technology applications. After on-site surveys, Huaneng Huangtai, Three Gorges Qingyun, The five projects of Huadian Tengzhou, Guodian Investment Haiyang and Laiwu Mengjia have good construction conditions and power access conditions, feasible construction plans, reasonable schedules, and complete land use procedures. The Huadian Laicheng and Datang Linqing projects have good site conditions and are ready to start construction at any time.
The five peak shaving projects shortlisted this time are all 100 MW/200 MWh, and they have a strong demonstration and leading role when they are completed and put into operation. In the application of emerging technologies, Huadian Tengzhou and State Power Investment’s Haiyang Project plan to pilot the application of iron-chromium flow battery technology with a certain capacity. In terms of power station safety enhancement, the Laiwu Mengjia project plans to apply PFCA gas automatic fire extinguishing technology; the Huaneng Huangtai project plans to use liquid cooling technology and build a safety technology demonstration base of the China Electric Power Research Institute. In terms of industry driving, the Huaneng Huangtai project will promote Huawei and Jingneng to jointly build an energy storage innovation center in Zibo; the State Power Investment’s Haiyang project will pilot the application of the first batch of products of the State Power Investment’s iron-chromium flow battery production line. In terms of innovative application scenarios, the Huadian Tengzhou project uses high-pressure steam in the plant to drive lithium bromide units for refrigeration, which greatly reduces the energy consumption of the energy storage cooling system; the Three Gorges Qingyun Project helps Qingyun County to realize the county’s long-term “green power supply” throughout the year. The two frequency modulation projects of Huadian Laicheng and Datang Linqing are useful attempts to upgrade the performance of thermal power units in Shandong Province.
It is reported that Shandong will follow the principle of “promoting the promotion and application of pilot projects, and promoting the deepening of development by demonstration”, organize the establishment of pilot demonstration projects to supervise and implement working mechanisms, promote the integration of advanced energy storage technology, equipment and systems, and promote energy storage on the power supply side and the power grid side. Co-development with the user side. At the same time, seize the important opportunity for the country to vigorously promote the development of energy storage, make good use of the power market-oriented reform policy dividends, integrate various resources, strive for relevant policies, funds and project support, and accelerate the implementation of the province’s energy storage pilot demonstration projects.