Spot Circulation Reduced, Light Vanadium Market Maintained Consolidation Recently, the steel bidding price has remained strong. Most alloy manufacturers are full order production, and the market circulation spot quantity is further tightened. At present, there are many scattered inquiries in vanadium city. However, the spot price is relatively small, and most of the vanadium nitrogen alloy manufacturers say that there is no spot in the market, and the long futures are temporarily not accepted, so the bulk market price is about 147000 yuan / ton. Some futures orders of V2O5 flake small factories were traded at 93000 yuan / ton by cash, which was hard to find. A small number of shippers quoted at price of 94000 yuan / ton. There are a few inquiries from traders in the ferrovanadium market. The spot transaction price of 50B ferrovanadium outside the furnace is 98000 yuan / ton by cash. The price is stable, and there is no upward or downward fluctuation trend.

Affected by the approaching Spring Festival and heavy snow in the north, logistics and transportation are gradually limited, and the spot market flow will continue to tighten with the approaching Spring Festival. It is expected that the market will develop steadily with the situation that manufacturers execute orders and a small amount of spots flows.