Date: Jan 24, 2019

Multicom Resources Limited says its vanadium has been verified for use by New York-based StorEn Technologies (StorEn) proprietary Vanadium Flow Batteries.

Multicom’s vanadium pentoxide has been produced in the feasibility study at its proposed St Elmo Project near Julia Creek.

St Elmo Project is slated for production in 2021 and verification of the vanadium is critical to the progression of the partnership between Multicom and StorEn.

StorEn will now prepare and ship the first of three VFBs to Multicom scheduled for arrival in Australia in April 2019. 

Multicom Resources Executive Director Nathan Cammerman said StorEn batteries for residential applications would be significantly cheaper, longer lasting, safer and more environmental friendly than lithium based batteries , 

“The Australian market is well suited for the deployment of StorEn’s low cost, long life vanadium battery technology, supported by a large number of households utilising solar power and strong bipartisan government support for the battery storage industry,” Mr Cammerman said,

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