Stable Operation Of European Vanadium Market After Holidays After the festival, the European market quotation and transaction were less, with a small number of transaction orders, and the price remained unchanged for the time being. As reported in the market report last Friday, the price of ferrovanadium in the European market remained stable at 22.0-22.5USD/KgV, temporarily stable, convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 76,600-78,400 Yuan/ton; the price of European V2O5 was 4.9-5.75USD/LB V2O5, temporarily stable, convert into V2O5 98% was 73,700-87,000 Yuan/ton; the price of ferrovanadium in United States was 10.45-10.75 USD/LB V, temporarily stable, convert into 50# ferrovanadium was 80,200-82,500 Yuan/ton. Today’s exchange rate is USD: RMB = 6.9663:1.

Although the trading performance of European vanadium market is weak, the low price of the market quotation is reduced, which is mainly reflected in the spot price of ferrovanadium, the low price is about 22.1 USD/KgV, and some traders are slightly bullish. The Chinese Spring Festival is around the corner,  as far as the current price difference is concerned, there is still a certain profit margin for imports. The European port supply ordered by domestic traders just arrives after the festival, and the domestic vanadium market is expected to fluctuate little before the festival, and it is expected to be temporarily stable in the short term after the festival, and the import risk index is low.