Stable Quotation Of Vanadium Enterprises At the beginning of the week, the prices of vanadium enterprises were stable. The price of ammonium metavanadate is 93000-93000 yuan / ton with tax by cash, V2O5 flake of 93000-94500 yuan / ton, FEV50 of 97000-98000 yuan / ton, vanadium nitrogen alloy of 139000-14000 yuan / ton, and alloy end inquiry was light. As a whole, vanadium inquiry for raw materials is more active, with the purchase price of 92000-92500 yuan / ton, which is also the mainstream transaction price last Friday.

Last week, the bidding trend of vanadium nitrogen alloy steel bidding was stable, but the deal in bulk market was still slack. Some manufacturers plan to stop production in the near future. Therefore, at present, the intention is relatively low to receive orders of V2O5 flakes higher than 92500 yuan / ton by cash, and the alloy end is under pressure.