Stalemate Situation Of VN Alloy Raw Materials, Steel Plants Press Price For Purchase Recently, with the purchase inquiry of some small steel plants, the market activity of vanadium nitrogen alloy has increased slightly. But it is difficult for the middlemen to operate. The order received from the steel plants is about 141000 yuan / ton by cash. Next, the purchase price can only be reduced to 138000 yuan / ton. Some purchasers offer 139000 yuan / ton, while the manufacturers currently offer the lowest 140000 yuan / ton by cash. Most manufacturers are not willing to lose money for shipment, but some others do. At present, the raw material end is in a stalemate. On the one hand, the bulk supply is not large as a whole, and the VN alloy manufacturers are willing to give a low price, and the general price is still 93000 yuan / ton by cash. On the other hand, the VN alloy manufacturers are under great cost pressure. The intended purchase price is only about 92000 yuan / ton, and a small part of them accept 92500 yuan / ton by cash.

With the bidding price of 142000 yuan / ton accepted by two major steel plants, the alloy end of vanadium market is further under heavy pressure. It is expected that the next pressure will be decomposed to the raw material end, and the possibility of raw material price reduction is high. It is suggested that the vanadium traders should be cautious in their trading.