Steel Bidding Price Lowered, Vanadium Price Frustrated Recently, the bidding price of steel mills has been coming out one after another, showing a downward trend. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys started from 247,000 yuan/ton (by cash with tax) of Shaogang, to 242,200 yuan/ton (by cash with tax) of Kungang, and then to 239,000 yuan/ton (by cash with tax) of Southeast steel, until yesterday, 233,000 yuan/ton (by acceptance with tax) of Laigang. The price of vanadium-nitrogen alloys has gone down all the way beyond the expectations of many manufacturers. Although the bid price of Shaogang is still ideal for vanadium factories, Kungang purchases mostly from traders, the price is under the trend of decline, which has an impact on the vanadium market. In addition, the inventory of vanadium-nitrogen alloys manufacturers is still under pressure. Some vanadium- nitrogen manufacturers gradually accept low-price supply in the following steel recruitment, and the price of vanadium -nitrogen alloys continues to decline passively.

As for raw materials, the slump of vanadium-nitrogen alloy market always affects the trading situation of raw material (V2O5 flake). The acceptance price of 170,000 yuan/ton quoted by large factories is very difficult to deal with except long-term agreement customers. The market is full of scattered sources of vanadium flake, and the lowest quoted price is 155,000 yuan/ton by cash with tax. It can be seen that the stock and trading situation of raw material are not optimistic enough. In April, large steel mills gradually began to invite tenders, but steel mills purchased on demand inquiries mostly held a wait-and-see attitude. It is expected that there will be room for the next steel recruitment price to fall, and most vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers without self-produced raw materials bear the pressure of loss.