Steel Bidding Price Of VN Alloy Rises Strongly This week’s bidding prices for VN alloy from steel plants are full of twists and turns. At the beginning of this week, Laigang’s purchase price was 145,000 Yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, which was only supplied by some manufacturers, but the quantity was not fully purchased. Yesterday, Laigang again priced the bidding at 147,500 Yuan / ton with tax by acceptance, and this week’s total purchase volume is about 140-160 tons. Similarly, the purchase price of Zhongtian for VN alloy last week was 143,000 yuan / ton, which was not fully purchased. Yesterday, the bidding announcement was issued again, and it is planned to purchase 100 tons. According to our website, the suppliers have a strong mentality and don’t sell at a low price. Most of the manufacturers offer 150,000 yuan / ton, including tax. In the current overall market, it is difficult for steel mills to purchase at a low price.

The bidding price of vanadium nitrogen alloy steel slightly increased, and the upstream vanadium price was strong and slightly increased. At present, it is difficult to inquire at the price of 95,000 yuan / ton, and only a few transactions are at the price of 96,000 yuan / ton. But the price of 97,000-98,000 yuan / ton for V2O5 flake is on the high side for alloy factories. Some alloy factories said that they expected the price of VN alloy to move forward, and gradually approached the cost price of 100,000 yuan / ton for large V2O5 flake factories by acceptance.