Steel Mills Are Difficult To Purchase At Low Prices And The Quotations From Vanadium Plants Are Relatively Uniform According to feedback from some vanadium-nitrogen alloy manufacturers, one steel mill that is currently bidding makes inquires at low prices, the inquire price for vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 195,000/t by acceptance, while some inquires from large factories are CNY 200,000/t by acceptance. Manufacturer has been under pressure to produce high-priced and stable V2O5 flake for nearly a month, and the willingness to reduce the price again is not high. In addition, this week, the steel bidding is active, ZENITH plans to purchase 150 tons of vanadium-nitrogen alloy, 80 tons by Shaoguan Steel, 160 tons by 160 tons, 60-80 tons by Anhui Yangtze River. Yesterday, the purchase price of Benxi Steel was 198,000/t for 30 tons. On Tuesday, the price of Xinxing Dutile Iron Pipes was CNY 195,000/t for only 10 tons, the low-priced sources are limited.

The trading in bulk market is sluggish, major vanadium enterprises pay attention to the trend of steel bidding price. Traders’ inquires have decreased, alloy plants have no plan to accept orders temporarily. The intention purchase price for V2O5 flake by some vanadium-nitrogen alloy plants is CNY 128,000-130,000/t. The firm price of raw materials has led to firm quotations from downstream alloy manufacturers.