Steel Mills’ Procurement for Vanadium is Not Much and The Offer of Vanadium Enterprises is Firm Since last week, few steel mills have entered the market for purchasing and there are very few transactions of vanadium alloy. Due to the tight supply of vanadium pentoxide flake in vanadium market, some traders intend to stock up goods, and the price of vanadium has risen slightly. At present, the mainstream transaction price of 50#ferrovanadium is CNY 130,000/t, while that of vanadium-nitrogen alloy is CNY 190,000/t, and a small amount of vanadium alloy spot prices are slightly higher. Travic, Jianlong and Desheng, three vanadium pentoxide flake giants have not yet sold goods, the price of vanadium pentoxide flake still maintains the acceptance price at CNY 120,000/t, and the cash price of retailing vanadium pentoxide flake is around CNY 125,000/t including tax.

Generally speaking, the quotation of vanadium market is chaotic and there is a slight upward trend in the quotation of manufacturers and traders, but the actual purchase by steel mills is not much, mainly between vanadium plants and some traders. It is expected that the price will not fluctuate much this week.