Steel Plant Procurement Is Increasing In Vanadium Market, the steel bidding procurement has gradually increased. At present, most of the bidding results have not been released. However, the bidding manufacturers of VN alloy insist on the attitude of supporting price. It is expected that the VN alloy in this round of steel bidding will be slightly stronger. As the steel bidding is in progress, the bulk market is mainly in a wait-and-see status, with few quotations and inquiries, waiting for the steel bidding price to provide guidance for the market.

At present, the quotation and shipment of V2O5 flake in the market is 106000 Yuan / ton. Up to now, VN alloy manufacturers also need to wait for the results with steel mills to calculate the cost before considering the purchase of raw materials. Therefore, today’s VN alloy plants are hesitant to purchase V2O5 flake. Some VN alloy manufacturers purchase bulk goods to maintain the market stability, and the mainstream transaction price of V2O5 flake in the market was 105500 Yuan / ton, and it was difficult to ship goods at cash price of 106000 Yuan / ton.

At present, the manufacturer’s quotation in the ferrovanadium market is mainly based on the cash price of 105000-106000 Yuan / ton, which is not different from yesterday. However, some high-level quotations are reduced, and the bulk market quotation is weak. Some said that the cash price of 104000 Yuan / ton is still difficult to clinch a deal, which may decline in the near future. It is expected that the ferrovanadium market will still bear the double pressure of high price V2O5 flake and low price ferrovanadium in the later stage, and the future market is not very optimistic.

Today, both Shaanxi Steel and Shougang Changzhi are in the process of price negotiation. Most of the steel bidding results have to be delayed to announce. The bulk cargo market is relatively light, waiting for the bidding results of steel mills. At present, the spot quotation of VN alloy manufacturers is about 162000-164000 Yuan / ton. The bidding mostly offer 165000-168000 Yuan / ton by acceptance, and some steel mills’ intended purchase price is about 1630000-1635000 Yuan / ton. Comparatively speaking, the VN alloy market remains firm for the time being.