Steel Tender Weakening, Ferrovanadium Declining Slightly recent demand for ferrovanadium is weak, causing some sales pressure of some manufacturers; Yesterday, Nanjing Iron&Steel ferrovanadium priced 115,800 CNY/ton by acceptance (including bidding fee), which was generally lower than the transaction price in the retail market. Ferrovanadium transaction dropped to about 116,000-118,000 CNY/ton by acceptance. Although the prices of ferrosilicon auxiliary materials and aluminum continued to decline, they were still at a high level as a whole, and the manufacturer’s production cost was still under pressure. Coupled with the impact of the northern snowstorms, the transportation in some areas of Jinzhou is still blocked, and the quotation mood of some manufacturers is not high.

Recently, it is difficult to purchase raw material flake V2O5 and ammonium metavanadate. The quotation of some cargo holders has been raised, and it is difficult to find low-cost supply; However, ferrovanadium transactions weakened, and most manufacturers were unwilling to accept the offer at a high price. Although the terminal demand is weak, considering that the production cost of ferrovanadium is still high, it is expected to consolidate and operate in a narrow range in the short term.