Subei West Mining Vanadium Technology Puts Stone Coal Vanadium Extraction Phase One Project Into Production

Recently, Subei West Mining Vanadium Technology, a subsidiary of West Mining, finished construction of its vanadium extraction phase one project with a total investment of RMB170 million (USD24.32 million) and formally put it into production.

According to Zhao Yongping, General Manager of Subei West Mining Vanadium Technology, the company invested more than RMB100 million (USD14.30 million) in vanadium ore mining project and started pilot production in May. It plans to extract 120,000 tons of ore and produces 500 tons of ammonium metavanadate in 2020, with production value increasing by RMB50 million (USD7.15 million).

The project, the first complete green stone coal vanadium extraction environment-friendly production line in China, adopts the most advanced stone coal vanadium extraction waste heat power generation technology in China and can realize comprehensive recycling. The first phase project has a designed production capacity of 1,239 tons of ammonium metavanadate 98%, which will be mainly used to produce vanadium pentoxide, ceramic industrial glaze material and chemical reagent, catalyst and other products. Next, the company will start construction of the second phase project with an annual production capacity of 2,611 tons of ammonium metavanadate 98%. After completion, the whole project will handle 500,000 tons of vanadium-bearing stone coal and produce 3,850 tons of ammonium metavanadate 98% per annum.