Sufficient Stock Of Vanadium In Alloy Factory At present, the orders of VN alloy manufacturers are basically arranged to the end of January or the beginning of February, without receiving orders, no quotation. Some manufacturers are well stocked with V2O5flake, and the purchase price is basically within 93000 yuan / ton with tax by cash. In bulk market, the release of V2O5flake is positive, and some of them have been sold to the middle of February. After the Spring Festival, at the beginning of February, some raw material manufacturers were slightly worried about the future market, and vanadium futures sales were positive. Of course, some of the raw materials of the alloy factory will be ready in late January. This week, we will continue to watch the pricing direction of the large vanadium factories.

This month, the bidding for steel mills has been basically completed, and there will be few market enquiries. The trading of vanadium products has slowed down, mainly with the presentation of documents. The price of vanadium alloy has been basically set, and the market is stable.