Summary Analysis On Vanadium Operating Rate And Output For May 2021

www, In May, the domestic vanadium product market has a strong increase atmosphere, upstream and downstream vanadium plants are more enthusiastic about production, and the output of each product has increased slightly. In May, some ammonium metavanadate and V2O5 flake manufacturers that had been suspended by environmental inspections in the early stage resumed production. VN alloy alloy manufacturers are bullish on the market outlook, there are some active inquiries on raw material, and output increased slightly. Ferrovanadium manufacturers still focus on orders. Due to the high risk of inversion, the follow-up of ferrovanadium transactions is relatively lagging, so they are more cautious, but the overall output is stable and rising.

Product Output in May (Ton) Change MoM (Ton) Operating rate in May Change MoM
AMV 1210 ↑62 43.20% ↑4.6%
V2O5 powder 680 ↑48 42.90% ↑3.6%
V2O5 flake 9572 ↑29 70% ↑7.4%
FeV 3680 ↑100 51.40% ↓2.9%
VN alloy 6429 ↑200 79.50%